I Am Here To Help

If you are a resident of the North Okanagan – Shuswap and need assistance to connect with federal government programs or services, you can reach me a couple of different ways. You may call 250-260-5020 or email and my ... Full Article

Your Voice in Ottawa

With the resumption of Parliament, I was honoured to carry the concerns and priorities of constituents to Ottawa this week. Full Article

The Cupboards Are Bare

Trudeau spent the cupboards bare and Canada has lost its AAAcredit rating. Since the pandemic began we have been putting forward constructive solutions to help Canadians. Our Back to Work Bonus plan would make the CERB more flexible and help ... Full Article

Time Today To Question Government Ministers

It was a privilege to have 5 minutes today to question government ministers. I managed to fit in questions related to my Fisheries and Oceans portfolio, Seniors and Youth Employment before time ran out. While we work every day to find answers to ... Full Article

300,000 Chickens

Illegal blockades are threatening livestock and the livelihoods of farmers in the North Okanagan -Shuswap. One farm in Salmon Arm is trying to get grain unloaded from railcars in Abbottsford but can’t because of the blockades. Why is the ... Full Article